Vine 5 Film Festival: Welcome Sylvio

Vine is a toy from Twitter that challenges users to make the most profound work ever committed to video in exactly six seconds. Or at the very least, challenges comedians to bring a little more laughter into this world. Every Tuesday we showcase five of the funniest short shorts of the past week.

Your RSS feed might be difficult and not show the videos, but trust us - they are there.

Carson on TCM, which premiered last night, is a one hour look back at classic conversations between celebrities and Johnny Carson on his The Tonight Show. What won’t be aired are the strange, very short films of Len Cella. Cella’s odd Moron Movies, which clocked in from anywhere between five to sixty seconds, remarkably received significant airtime during the early to mid eighties of the mainstream Tonight Show (they seem far more suited to Letterman.) Cella was in some ways the world’s first viner.

This concludes today’s history lesson. Here now are the top vines from the past week, all of which owe a bit of a debt to Tom Cella:

“Sylvio Loves Many Things”

By Simply Sylvio

Albert Birney is Sylvio the Gorilla, who has recently taken Vine by storm. It has not yet been determined whether the recent popularity is due to brute force or some sort of combination of sheer will and actual artistic talent, but does it really matter? Sylvio - simply, Sylvio - managed to invade the account of the very talented Keelayjams as well as display his affection for the work of Charles Schultz in a beautiful manner. Sylvio is a welcome new character.

“Halli Malli Loses His Lady To a Fast Talkin’ Bunny”

By Tom Megalis

Tom Megalis is a terrific, unique artist that illustrated in “Halli Malli” that communication is very important, and the pursuit of dollars is a hollow one. Any possible blatant didactic tactics are ignored for the technical work in the video.


By Bo Burnham

Burnham admitted to not being only the latest in a long line of magicians last week when he recorded a shout-out to Jesus Christ, a man well versed in alchemy. Burnham unfortunately has more free time on his hands with the recent cancellation of his television show, but at least he will never go hungry.

“The Aspiring Artist 2 - Late Again”

By Bottlerocket

Inspiration comes from everywhere, but particularly McDonald’s, and the ubiquitiousness of the fast food chain makes it far more likely that the coincidence exhibited by Bottlerocket can occur in real life. That doesn’t of course mean that we were all more capable of an original thought before the homogenization of United States highway exits, but it doesn’t *not* mean that either.

“An Extreme Close Up of Steven Seagal Counting Down His Top Five Favorite Girl Scout Cookies of All Time “

By Will Sasso

A simple idea by Will Sasso executed to perfection. Seagal’s brute force is enough to propel Sasso’s impersonation, and the Girl Scouts have been around for so long that the vine has universal appeal.

Playing in Theater 2

Career choices: Radio Shack vs. Pro Athlete by Jacy Catlin

It’s a tough choice.

GUMMY MONEY by Nicholas Megalis

This vine was retweeted by Zach Braff and Reggie Watts, and may have helped Megalis become an editor’s pick on the app’s home page. It was either those two or V5FF’s inclusion of one of his vines last week.

Body Dysmorphia #selfie #loop #body by Barbara Holm

Barbara Holm has the most innocent sounding voice in the world. It makes “Dysmorphia” heartbreaking.

Not My Toilet by Lamorne Morris

Don’t let the New Girl co-star in your bathroom.

Sticks and Stones by Pete C

Words can indeed hurt, as the internet teaches us all daily.

Vine 5 Film Festival: Welcome Sylvio