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Vulture Tells Sigourney Weaver About Sharknado and She Is Not Impressed

Sigourney Weaver. Photo: Jimi Celeste/Patrick McMullan

While the rest of us were tweeting about Sharknado, Sigourney Weaver was busy doing her Broadway show, Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike. In fact, she managed to avoid all news about the movie until Saturday afternoon, when we brought it up to her at the fifteenth annual pet adoption benefit Broadway Barks. In other words: We had the distinct pleasure of explaining Sharknado to Sigourney Weaver. And she reacted wonderfully.

Did you watch Sharknado?
What are you talking about? [Laughs.] Was there a shark attack?

So you have not heard of Sharknado?
Are they giving away sharks? Do I have to hold one?

You might if you got stuck in a Sharknado. Any idea what that could possibly be?

Is it a convention for sharks?

It’s a movie, a made-for-TV movie, that you’re going to go home later and Google and wonder how you missed this since the Internet blew up about it. It’s a made-for-TV movie about shark tornadoes.
Wow. Thousands of sharks swirling?

Oh. Uh-oh. That’s why it’s a nado. Wow. You know, my husband’s a body surfer from Hawaii and he won’t be happy about this idea.

He might have already heard of it.
No, I don’t think he has, actually. We would have talked about it. Does it happen way out at sea?

It’s happening on land.
So you mean it even looks like a shark?

It’s like the Wizard of Oz gone mad?

Essentially. People are loving it.
It sounds like a crazy movie. People are out of their mind.

Watch the trailer when you get home. There are hundreds of sharks in the tornado and people are trying to stab them as they are coming at them.
So it’s not actually scary, it’s silly.

Unintentionally, yes.
Is it going to actually be on TV?

It was. You’ll have a chance to still watch it, though.
Now I can think of lots of nadoes to have.

Like what?
For every kind of animal. What did I just hold?

That Yorkie?
Yeah, a Yorkie-nado. [Laughs.]

Vulture Tells Sigourney Weaver About Sharknado