kanye curbs his enthusiasm

Watch a Clip From the Lost Pilot for Kanye’s ‘Larry David–Inspired’ HBO Show

This clip from a scrapped Kanye West HBO pilot, uploaded in 2010 as part of actress Alison Quinn’s online reel, has the rapper riffing with a “dying Make a Wish kid.” Back in 2008, we guessed that eventually a leaked pilot from the Untitled Kanye West HBO Project would appear online, and it appears Kanye also made our wish come true.

Larry Charles, one of the show’s executive producers (alongside Kanye himself and Rick Rubin), calls the project, “roughly Kanye’s version of Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “an idea Kanye thought up himself.” Charles goes on to say Kanye also told him, “I’m the black Larry David.”

While he’s granting wishes, we’d also like to know what happened to the puppet show.

Watch a Clip From the Pilot for Kanye’s HBO Show