awful boston accents

Does Ray Donovan’s Paula Malcomson Have the New Worst Boston Accent?

Ah, the dreaded Boston accent. There’s the good. There’s the bad. There’s also the not-sure-if-that’s-good-or-that’s-just-how–Mark Wahlberg–actually-talks. Now with Showtime’s newest drama, Ray Donovan, a new contender has stepped up to the (Bawston Red Sawks) plate. Paula Malcomson, playing Donovan’s wife, Abby, has immediately emerged as one of this year’s worst, complaining about her husband’s absence and tragically pronouncing “Jersey Shore” like an actual spring break reveller doing a drunken impression of Ben Affleck.

In comparison, box-office winnner The Heat features an entire family full of Boston natives — including Melissa McCarthy. They don’t have fantastic Boston accents, but mixing up “narc” and “knock” does seems to be problem some Bostonians might have.

Watch Paula Malcomson’s Awful Boston Accent