Watch an Exclusive Clip of Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine Featuring Louis C.K.

Louis C.K. has always been a big Woody Allen fan — he even hired Allen’s longtime editor, Susan E. Morse (who cut together classics like Manhattan and Hannah and Her Sisters), to work on the last season of his FX series Louie — but in Allen’s upcoming film, Blue Jasmine, C.K.’s actually part of the movie’s impressive ensemble cast. The movie stars the galvanizing Cate Blanchett as a disgraced Manhattan society wife who loses her wealth and must move to San Francisco to live with her agreeably impoverished sister (Sally Hawkins); C.K. and Bobby Cannavale play two suitors with romantic designs on Hawkins. In this exclusive clip, you can watch as an unusually cheerful and romantic C.K. woos Hawkins during a postcoital stroll on the beach, but is there more to his easygoing character than initially meets the eye? You can find out on July 26, when Blue Jasmine opens in New York and Los Angeles.

Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine: An Exclusive Clip