Adam Scott Has a New ‘Greatest Event in Television History’ Special November 7th

Adult Swim announced today that they’ll be premiering another in Adam Scott’s series of specials, The Greatest Event in Television History, on November 7th at midnight. The previous two specials have involved Scott remaking the opening credits sequence to a classic ‘80s TV show. The first was Simon & Simon with Jon Hamm, and the second was Hart to Hart with Amy Poehler. Scott typically keeps details about these specials under wraps, so we don’t know yet what show’s opening credits this Greatest Event will be recreating yet; however, Adult Swim’s press release included a photo of a couch on a studio lot with a giant stage constructed above it (see below), so check it out and speculate wildly.

UPDATE: Vulture has deduced that the couch is from ‘80s sitcom Too Close for Comfort Check out the Too Close to Comfort intro and Adult Swim’s couch photo below:

Adam Scott Has a New ‘Greatest Event in Television […]