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That Time Alex Karpovsky Drunk-Bought Tickets to Grenada, Not Granada

Alex Karpovsky. Photo: Clint Spaulding/PatrickMcMullan

You know how when you’re drunk, you sometimes make bad decisions? You text that ex-boyfriend. You eat that bowl of pasta at 4 a.m. You don’t brush your teeth before bed. Well, Alex Karpovsky’s drunk mistakes are a little bigger than that. When we asked him for an epic drinking story at the premiere of Drinking Buddies at the Nitehawk Cinema last night, he told us about that time he accidentally bought a ticket to Grenada — “the war-torn nation in the Caribbean” — rather than Granada, the lovely city in Spain. It happened years ago, “in the dawn of seeing this girl,” as he tells it.

“She was in Spain and wanted me to visit her,” he said. But the plane tickets were too expensive (“like a thousand dollars”). “And then one day we Skyped and she put a lot of pressure on me. And that night I was at a film festival and I got really drunk and I went onto Orbitz and the ticket that I’d been looking at for weeks was now $500. It was half the price! I was like, ‘It’s a crazy sale!’ So I drunk-purchased a ticket to Granada. I was so happy. I slept like a baby. All this uncertainty was behind me. The next day we Skyped and I forwarded her my itinerary and she just got really silent. And then she got really angry. It turns out, in my drunken stupor, I purchased a ticket to the country Grenada, which I had to Google.” The lesson? “It’s hard to know those subtleties when you’re wasted. So if there’s a PSA in this, it’s just, ‘Don’t purchase tickets online to other countries when you’re wasted.’” Also, don’t date someone who pressures you over Skype.

Alex Karpovsky Drunk-Bought Tickets to Grenada