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Alexander Skarsgård Went Full Frontal on True Blood’s Season Finale

(Spoilers for last night’s episode.) During the season finale of True Blood, vampire Eric Northman engaged in some casual nude reading atop a Swedish mountain — just normal vampire stuff — right before flames engulfed his body (guess that magical faerie blood wore off, or something) and he proceeded to (maybe!) die. More important, as he was getting up from his lounge chair TO MAYBE DIE, he also revealed his naked front. As our recapper Price Peterson put it: “Also, he may have died, but ERIC’S PENIS. Listen to me. Wait, what was I saying? It’s kind of hard to think.” Because we have respect for the maybe-deceased Eric Northman, we’re not gonna put those nudies here, but you can find them with some quick Googling. (Such teases, we know.)

Of course, nudity is nothing new on HBO, home of the show (Game of Thrones) that made sexposition a word that is actually used by people who talk about TV, (also, shout out to Real Sex). But this wasn’t some side or supporting character/prostitute. This wasn’t even Boardwalk Empire’s Bobby Cannavale, who went full-frontal while being choked during during an autoerotic assignation. This was one of the show’s main characters and primary sex symbols. Earlier this year, Matt Zoller Seitz argued for more male nudity on Game of Thrones. Looks like at least one HBO show was listening.

True Blood: Skarsgård Went Full Frontal