AMC Sunday Night Antiheroes

Tune in for Breaking Bad, stay for Low Winter Sun.

Everyone needs a hero, but square-jawed he-men with impeccable virtues have become, well, kind of bland. In a modern world, where morality isn’t black-and-white, audiences have started looking for a new kind of hero, a hero with some edge, an antihero even. Good people who might do bad things when pushed to their limits.

When Breaking Bad premiered in 2008, Walter White embodied this new kind of hero: He was a dutiful husband, father, and high school chemistry teacher who then became a crystal meth cook and certifiable criminal. Now five years later, this critically acclaimed original series is one of the most addictive shows on TV and has picked up six Emmys during its run.
On August 11 at 9/8c, Breaking Bad’s legions of fans will have to accept that All Bad Things Must Come to an End, when the first of its final eight episodes airs. Or do they? Following the season opener, AMC will premiere its hotly anticipated new series, Low Winter Sun. Detective Frank Agnew is AMC’s newest anti-hero, sharing Walter White’s weathered good-looks and shifting ethics, Frank shows that good men can do bad things.
There was a time when Frank Agnew was an upright homicide detective some might have even called stoic, until a tragic loss pushed him to commit a rash act of vengeance. This unfortunate misstep has now put him at the mercy of a possibly corrupt cop. Tune in for Breaking Bad, stay for Low Winter Sun.

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AMC Sunday Night Antiheroes