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Arrested Development Hidden Jokes: Episode 15 (The Final Episode)

As G.O.B.’s favorite Europe lyrics go, it’s the final countdown! At last we have reached our last in-depth recap of Arrested Development’s comeback season, which appeared on Netflix a few months ago. We certainly took our sweet time sifting through the 15 episodes of the comedy’s fourth season, and perhaps you did too, but whether you’re still working on it or watching the season for the tenth time, here is what we’ve already (proudly) accomplished:

And without further adieu (drumroll please?), here’s the rundown of the fourth season finale. Is it also possibly the final Arrested Development ever? If you read into the clues left by Mitch Hurwitz and company, you’ll learn this probably isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of the Bluths. See what we mean below.

Episode 15, “Blockheads”

Firstly, does “Blockheads” refer to anything other than the nickname Lucy gives poor Charlie Brown after she continually pulls the football out from underneath him in Peanuts? As you know, Arrested Development is certainly familiar with the Peanuts ouvre.

Speaking of getting the ball pulled out from under you, George Michael (or George Maharis, if you like) hits the basketball court and is again reminded of how much he does not like sports.

George Michael’s famously infallible internal clock strikes again. When the narrator mentions that it had been “23 seconds” since he’d last spoken (to Rebel Alley in his dorm room), he whispers “24” to the narrator before continuing.

When George Michael is voted out of the dorm room (by P-Hound and all those twins), the single deciding vote is cast by Bender from Futurama. If you recall, when he lost the Student Coucil election in season two’s “The Immaculate Election,” 1% of the votes were cast for Bart Simpson:

Michael: I guess I underestimated the religious vote. So Steve won?
George Michael: No, Steve dropped out of the race. He says he wants to spend some time trying to find his real father. Rav Nadir, the Indian kid, he got 97% percent of the vote.
Michael: That leaves 3%. You did better than I did when I ran.
George Michael: No, I tied with “Bart Simpson” and “School Sucks.”

G.O.B.’s “Ninja please” dates all the way back to the fourth season’s episode three (“Indian Takers”), when Tobias takes out a NINJA loan (No Income, No Job or Assets) from (RIP!) James Carr. “Ninja please!” Tobias replies. “Ninja” is also something members of the Insane Clown Posse call each other. Unrelated? Probably not. (See: Magnets.)

And thanks to UPROXX, we learn that G.O.B.’s’ The Ladies’ No. 1 Detective Agency shirt is actually a lost string to another plotline:

“A scene was planned with GOB and the Marc Cherry entourage, where they were sitting around watching HBO on a TV. One of them said, ‘Hey, this show on HBO is just like us! It should have been about us!’ And then it would be shown that they were watching The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. That scene didn’t make it into the show (obviously), but in episode 15, you can still see GOB wearing a No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency t-shirt.”

In a town full of sex offenders? Someone’s gotta have a white truck with “FUN” painted on it, right?

Rebel’s son, Lem? His father just might be famous French actor Gérard Depardieu. Why? We have no idea, but someone on Reddit makes a very broad (but amusing!) connection between Arrested Development and 1994’s My Father, The Hero.

“You’re asking Lem and me to move into this house, and it just, it seems all backwards,” Rebel says to George Michael.

And she’s kind of right: The entire house is backwards. The floor plan used in George Michael’s house is a mirror of the floor plan used in the original model home. Even the refrigerator/freezer is backwards, and as George Michael pulls out a drink, he says, “Maybe it is backwards.” Not to mention, a high note also plays where the low note keys normally are when George Michael leans on the piano.

Just look:

Just a close-up of Rebel and George Maharis’ wild night in the photobooth. Where’s the goat?

“154 Tracey Lane” — as in Michael’s deceased wife.

The flyer for the Fantastic Four “Action Musical” is full of fun, including: “The Rock Monster,” “Tonight Show Richter,” and “Based on a comic book the way people seem to like.” Great advertising.

Arrested Development characters sure love their notes.

Notice: Cinco’s Fakeblock sign is made out of fake blocks of stone.

Turns out “Anonymous” was not Rebel requesting a booty call, but actually the Internet hacktivist group, Anonymous.

Seems as though Arrested Development just loves to gently rib Michael Cera about his film career. Here, when he tells Rebel that he’ll fight anyone for her, he’s no doubt referring to his roll as Scott in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World — where he fights seven ex-boyfriends to win a girl’s heart. Previously, AD referred to his roles in Youth in Revolt (the ‘stache!) and Juno (the pregnancy!).

Surprisingly, this is not the first time George Michael has punched someone for going behind his back: He hit G.O.B. in season three’s “Development Arrested” for dating Ann.

Poor John Beard. Among his many gigs, he also apparently hosts a show that goes directly to Ron Howard (see the bottom news scroller).


“It sure is,” says Ron Howard to Brian Grazer (not unlike how the Narrator reacted to Tobias’ praise of Burger King in “Motherboy XXX”). This is, of course, after the credits roll and the two producers gleefully say, “This could be the next DaVinci Code!” which, if you’ve been scouring every episode of Arrested Development’s season four for clues, Easter eggs and throwbacks, it already has been.

Thank you.

Arrested Development Hidden Jokes: Episode 15