Aziz Ansari Is Releasing His New Standup Special Exclusively on Netflix November 1st

Netflix recently announced that they’re expanding into original comedy specials, and now, the streaming service is prepping to release its biggest standup special yet: Aziz Ansari’s latest, Buried Alive, which debuts exclusively on Netflix November 1st, according to The NY Times.

Ansari’s third special, Buried Alive is based on his tour of the same name and he calls it “a lot more mature” than previous specials, focusing on his friends starting families while he lives his life as a comedian avoiding commitment. The special covers similar topics to his recently announced book, albeit with different content/jokes. Ansari, whose previous two specials debuted on Comedy Central and direct-to-fans via his website, respectively, will release Buried Alive as a $5 download on his site six months after it debuts on Netflix.

Netflix will be promoting the special heavily and treating it like original shows Orange Is the New Black and Arrested Development, as part of the streaming service’s expansion into standup to compete with standup special kings HBO and Comedy Central. Netflix also has specials from Marc Maron and Kathleen Madigan in the works.

Aziz Ansari Is Releasing His New Standup Special […]