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Battleship Director Peter Berg Played an Actual Battleship Captain in Battleship

Photo: Frank Masi/Universal Studios

The upcoming issue of The New York Times Magazine features a profile of Peter Berg, who’s currently shooting the Lone Survivor in New Mexico. The profile captures the manic Berg as he tries to come back from last year’s bomb Battleship, which seems to have scarred him a bit: “I don’t want to tackle that kind of economic project for quite a while.” However, the game itself, he has much more positive feelings about. See, Berg told the story of preparing for Battleship by spending three days on a Navy destroyer. When getting ready to leave, the ship’s captain called him a “Hollywood lame-ass” for staying for such a short time. Berg replied that he didn’t need to stay longer; he’s seen a lot of Michael Bay films. Then it was on — Battleship-style. The two men played each other in the board game while the ship’s crew cheered and a helicopter filmed it. So who won: The director of the film based on it or the captain of an actual battleship? The Hollywood lame-ass.

Berg Played an Actual Navy Captain in Battleship