Billy Eichner to Play Donna’s Doppelganger on ‘Parks and Rec’

Parks and Recreation sure is loading up on awesome guest stars for its upcoming sixth season. TV Line reports that Billy Eichner, Emmy-nominated host of the Fuse’s game show Billy on the Street, has signed on to appear in the new season. The second episode will kick off a plotline in which the Pawnee Parks department teams up with their rival city Eagleton’s Parks department for “a joint venture.” Everyone who works in Eagleton’s Parks department is a doppelganger for the characters in Pawnee’s. Eichner is playing the doppelganger to Donna, and we previously reported that Kristen Bell is the doppelganger to Leslie and Sam Elliott for Ron Swanson.

Parks co-creator/showrunner Mike Schur calls Billy Eichner “one of the funniest human beings I have ever seen in my entire life,” and says he’s still looking for a doppelganger for April Ludgate, while the identity of Tom Haverford’s is a secret. He explains, “Tom’s doppelganger is a spoiler. It’s not who the actor is – it’s the concept behind it.”

Billy Eichner to Play Donna’s Doppelganger on ‘Parks […]