This Week’s Breaking Bad GIFs: Walt’s Video, Jesse’s Punch

Jesse got his punch on last night. Not to mention, Walt got his blackmail on and attempted to apply under-eye concealer. It was a big night for confessions and an even bigger night for Bob Odenkirk’s Saul. He got to show off his bloody face and Hello Kitty phone. Check it all out in a spoiler-filled GIF summation.

Walt first applied some under-eye concealer.

And then the whole crew went out for something to eat, but really only the waiter was in high spirits.

Walt blackmailed. On tape.

A creepy spider ambled toward Jesse.

And perhaps it was the spider (or, more likely, the suspicious cigarettes), but after Jesse realized things just weren’t right, he sought some badass vengeance.

This Week’s Breaking Bad GIFs: Guac, Anyone?