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The Commenters’ 10 Favorite Comedy Central Roast Sets Ever

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Yesterday, we posted our list of the fifteen best Comedy Central Roast sets ever. However, comedy is subjective, and many of you offered differing opinions. Since this isn’t a roastatorship, we wanted to highlight your choices. There are some overlapping comedians from our list, but there are also a lot of nontraditional choices like Bea Arthur, George Takei, and Cloris Leachman. Enjoy these people being comedically mean.

Roaster: Jeff Ross
Roast: Jerry Stiller (1999)
Suggested By: TheMoops

Roaster: Marc Maron
Roast: Chevy Chase (2002)
Suggested By: johnkinsella

Roaster: Stephen Colbert
Roast: Chevy Chase (2002)
Suggested By:  kevin__k

Roaster: Lisa Lampanelli
Roast: Jeff Foxworthy (2005)
Suggested By: IM10ASHUS 

Roaster: Bea Arthur
Roast: Pam Anderson (2005)
Suggested By: WUWK9QL9GC 

Roaster: Sarah Silverman
Roast: Pam Anderson (2005)
Suggested By: klikushi

Roaster: George Takei
Roast: William Shatner (2006)

Roaster: Cloris Leachman
Roast: Bob Saget (2008)
Suggested By: CJDelDotto 

Roaster: Anthony Jeselnik
Roast: Donald Trump (2011)
Suggested By: EAD310 

Roaster: Gilbert Gottfried
Roast: Roseanne Barr (2012)
Suggested By: CFAILLA 

And, because he was the best, here is every single Greg Giraldo roast set:

Commenters’ Favorite Comedy Central Roast Sets