‘Community’ Reruns Start Airing on Comedy Central September 15th

You’ll be able to see old Community episodes on TV pretty soon, which is a pretty exciting thing for those of you who don’t just own them on DVD or digitally, that is. Last year, Comedy Central bought the syndication rights to the show, and the network announced today that they’ll start airing it next month. Beginning Sunday, September 15th, Comedy Central will air a 10-episode block of “fan-favorite episodes” (i.e. not season four) from noon to 5pm. On September 20th, Community will debut in its regular syndication spot, Friday nights from 9 to 11pm. Four-episode blocks will air each Friday. Watching these episodes is a great chance to reminisce about when Chevy Chase was on the show.

‘Community’ Reruns Start Airing on Comedy Central […]