Drake Got Laid by His Babysitter, Sampled Aziz Ansari

Here’s a soon-to-be-major hip-hop track that opens on a snippet of Aziz Ansari doing his cocky Randy character. It’s not by Kanye or Jay Z — both pseudo-buds of Ansari’s — but one Drizzy Drake, never especially known for his appreciation of the funnier things in life. “All Me” is no exception, brimming with indignation, moodiness, and unrequested factoids. Aubrey’s lost track of how much money he’s made; Aubrey’s still insistently reminding us he started from the bottom now he’s hurr, sans help. Oh, and he got it on with his babysitter, so now you know. 2 Chainz is in the mix, being 2 Chainz (and doing a great sneeze thing), but one of the most irritating appearances Big Sean has ever turned in — coated in gruesome laziness, to boot — might stop this from being the “anthem” Drake is banking on. Then again, Big Sean was on “Clique” and “Mercy,” so who knows anything.

Drake Got Laid by His Babysitter, Sampled Aziz