Heidecker & Wood Announce Their Second Album, Out Nov. 12

Tim Heidecker’s soft rock band is putting out another album. Little Record Company announced today that they’re releasing the sophomore album from Heidecker & Wood, the music duo made up of the comedian and his Tim & Eric composer Davin Wood. Called Some Things Never Stay the Same, it’s set for a November 12th release and features Heidecker & Wood parodying pretentious sophomore albums this time around. Here’s a bit from the press release:

Let’s lay it all out on the table: this is the self-indulgent sophomore album. The horns, the female back-up singers, the songs about life on the road and redemption for indiscretions that remain vague to protect the innocent, but mostly the guilty. It’s by turns pompous, funny, overproduced, underbaked, overly serious and not serious enough. All in a good way, of course!

Check out a track listing, the full album cover, and video of a live performance of Some Things Never Stay the Same’s opening track, “Cocaine”:

Some Things Never Stay The Same Tracklisting:01. Cocaine02. What Else Is New03. Getaway Man04. This Is Life05. Tell Her I Love Her06. Coming Home07. Sunday Man08. Hurricane09. On Our Own10. Salvation Street11. Next Ten Years
Heidecker & Wood Announce Their Second Album, Out Nov. […]