james franco does it all

See James Franco’s Face Superimposed On Famous Paintings

Portrait of the artist in Valencia.

Now that word’s gotten out about this social media thing, it looks like stars have decided to forego traditional press channels and just go it alone, announcing new projects through something called the Internet (see Prince’s Twittter-bait announcement earlier this week). Tuesday night, the notoriously bizarre James Franco reminded us via Instagram that he has a new show coming with a photo that puts his face over a Vincent Van Gogh self-portrait. The post follows Monday’s addition of Franco over the Mona Lisa (with a mustache, natch) and the words “new TV series about art duuuh.” Now, we’ve long known that Franco sees himself as an artiste and all, but isn’t this a little much? We’d say so, especially considering that the actor/director/poet/perpetual co-ed’s best work actually comes when he’s playing a stoner. Then again, it’s also possible tomorrow’s “bunch of crazy stuff” announcement will rock the art/culture worlds.

James Franco Promos New Show On Instagram