John Oliver’s Best Moments as ‘Daily Show’ Host

In early June, longtime Daily Show correspondent John Oliver took over as guest host of the program for the summer while Jon Stewart was directing his first movie overseas. Yesterday was the final Oliver-hosted episode (for now), so we decided to look back on the comedian’s guest stint with a videolist of his best moments. Summer is typically a slow season for news, but this one was action-packed from the start, with the NSA scandal, Supreme Court rulings, the royal baby, and Anthony Weiner giving Oliver and the Daily Show gang plenty to make fun of. Check out the below videos in case you missed Oliver hosting The Daily Show or just want to relive the highlights:

Oliver’s easy transition into hosting the show was ruined when the NSA surveillance scandal broke just a few days before he began:

On the Paula Deen racial slur thing:

On the Supreme Court striking down a key part of the Voting Rights Act:

Oliver and the news team report on the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling:

Jon Stewart phones and says watching John Oliver host his show is “like watching someone have sex with your wife’s desk”:

A power outage in the studio forces John Oliver to interview Aaron Sorkin in the dark:

At the end of the power outage show, John Oliver led the studio audience in an a cappella rendition of the Daily Show theme song to wrap up the show:

On the media’s coverage of the royal baby:

On the Anthony Weiner scandal 2.0:

A serious interview with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand on the subject of treatment of sex assault cases military, an issue close to Oliver’s heart as his wife is an Iraq War vet:

On NYC’s stop-and-frisk program:

John Oliver summing up his time as host at the start of his final episode:

On John Oliver’s last episode, the correspondents and ex-correspondents Wyatt Cenac and Rob Riggle say goodbye to him:

John Oliver’s Best Moments as ‘Daily Show’ Host