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Is Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Tie It Up’ the Most Shameless ‘Wedding Song’?

Looking for something fresh to accompany your upcoming proposal flashmob? Forget Bruno Mars, there’s a new song vying to play as brides and grooms head down the aisle. Kelly Clarkson (newly engaged herself!) is putting “Tie It Up” on your registry: complete with a music video filled to the brim with photos of other peoples’ (mostly straight, mostly white) weddings and lyrics sourced from someone’s joyful Pinterest collection: “Let’s set the date / Let’s hire the band / Let’s cut the cake / Tie up the cans.” We wish the couples, and Clarkson, all the joy in the world, but it would be silly not to point out how “Tie It Up” is desperately trying to be the cookie-cutter, American Greetings song of the wedding season. What would Billy Idol think?

Kelly Clarkson’s Shameless Wedding Song