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Lindsay Lohan Was Bombshell-Free on Oprah’s Next Chapter

On Sunday night’s hourlong grilling in Oprah’s Next Chapter, Lindsay Lohan remained steadfastly penitent, hit all the predicted recovery notes, and very carefully avoided anything that could be construed as a bombshell. Lohan shared that her “drug of choice” is alcohol, and that she has only used cocaine “like ten to fifteen times,” and just as a tool to let her drink more alcohol. Her other biggest dependency was Adderall (“I notice how much calmer I am without it”), and when Oprah asked how exactly she’s planning to change going forward, she immediately answered that she would be stopping with the Adderall. She also resisted the urge to complain about her parents Dina and Michael (whose dramatics have put them in just as many tabloids as their famous daughter), saying that they were currently “not toxic.”

Will Oprah’s influence (and maternal pressure) help Lohan? Only time can tell. But! Oprah did confront LiLo about her planned yoga retreat to Europe “just a few days out of rehab,” and Lohan defended her decision to take a vacation — but a postscript revealed that Lindsay had cancelled her Eurotrip, so we can cling to that as a good sign, right? We’ll close with what was perhaps the interview’s lightest moment: when Oprah asked what drugs Lohan was “currently taking” and she quickly retorted: “vitamins.” In fact, she revealed, the only thing she has ever injected has been B-12, and is currently taking only one medication: Nexium, for acid reflux. Good luck making hay out of acid reflux, tabloids! Watch this interchange below.

Lindsay Lohan Was Bombshell-Free on Oprah