Listen to Stephen Colbert Discuss the Daft Punk Situation In Depth

Last week, Stephen Colbert was scheduled to have Daft Punk appear on his show but they canceled last-minute because of an alleged exclusivity agreement with the VMAs, leading Colbert to mock them his entire episode and do a star-studded music video for their song “Get Lucky.” Colbert appeared on the latest episode of former Daily Show writer Paul Mecurio’s podcast The Paul Mecurio Show and ended up discussing the situation in detail.

Basically, the Colbert Report bookers approached Daft Punk about doing the show. They were fans and agreed to make a rare TV appearance on the show but refused to speak or play music on the program, leaving Colbert and his staff struggling to figure out a way to incorporate them into the show. They started working on the celebrity music video and booked Robin Thicke to perform ahead of Daft Punk canceling. Colbert eventually found an idea that his staff and Daft Punk liked but found out 1pm day of that Daft Punk had canceled.

The rest of the interview is worth a listen, covering Colbert’s entire career from trying to get Steve Carell hired at The Daily Show, working under Robert Smigel on The Dana Carvey Show, how his Christianity impacts his comedy, but the Daft Punk chunk is from 24:15 to 47:45.

Listen to Stephen Colbert Discuss the Daft Punk […]