Mash-Up: Breaking Bad Season 5 and Ying Yang Twins’ ‘Wait (the Whisper Song)’

As prestige dramas go, Breaking Bad has always been intense in a very particular way. (You don’t see Don Draper or Coach Taylor robbing trains.) Over five seasons, characters have exclaimed excitement (“bitch!”) and have uttered many threats (“bitch!”), and have blown up stuff. For the most part, this season has been all hushed voices: Hank whispering to Walt, Walt whispering to Skyler, Skyler whispering to Marie, everyone whispering to each other at a Mexican restaurant. It was begging to be mashed up with the Ying Yang Twins’ whisper masterpiece “Wait (the Whisper Song).” A beg that was probably done in a whisper.

Mash-Up: Breaking Bad and ‘The Whisper Song’