Mitch Hurwitz Says Peter Serafinowicz and Franklin the Puppet Will Appear in Future ‘Arrested Development’

During an appearance on The Empire Film Podcast today, Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz talked a little about the future of the show. When discussing how he was originally going to include Peter Serafinowicz in the fourth season, but that he has future Arrested Development plans for the British actor. “I kind of have saved his part for the movie,” explains Hurwitz. The AD mastermind and Will Arnett previously worked with Serafinowicz on their failed 2009 Fox show Running Wilde. “He’s just so funny,” Hurwitz adds. “We’ve got to make him a giant star where we are. His music videos are hilarious.”

Hurwitz discussed another character who was conspicuously absent from the new season of Arrested Development: Gob’s puppet Franklin. Here’s Hurwitz talking about plans for more Franklin appearances:

“We did have a Franklin plot. It’s still yet to come. There’s two big absences in the show. One is Franklin and one is the banana stand. And I didn’t realize the marketing was gonna be so banana stand-heavy … Franklin, we just didn’t get him in there, but we have a plot for him.”
Mitch Hurwitz Says Peter Serafinowicz and Franklin the […]