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CineStitch: The Best of Etsy’s Film and TV Embroidery

When you get tired of using Ron Swanson wisdom as your AIM away messages, head to Etsy, where plenty of eager stitchers are just waiting to sew you up a permanent wall hanging. For example, you can stitch-brag that you’ve watched all five seasons of Friday Night Lights or that your favorite character from Bob’s Burgers is (duh) Tina to anyone who enters your bathroom. All of these wonderful hangings are for sale now, so support your local craftsperson and don’t forget to always leave a note.

From Friday Night Lights, by monkeyandsquirrel

From Arrested Development, by ErinMaeOriginals

From Parks and Recreation, by BananyaStand

From Pulp Fiction, by FunWithNeedles

From Elf, by notsomodernmillie

From Labyrinth, by designsbydayzi

From Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, by Moxiedoll

From Waiting for Guffman, by GraceyMay

From Clueless, by STITCHCULTURE

From Arrested Development, by aliciawatkins

From A Night at The Roxbury, by Heartificial

From Bob’s Burgers, by cappywanna

From Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, by Geekopolis

From Arrested Development, by FunWithNeedles

From Party Down, by peludossa

From Spinal Tap, by FawnandSquirrel

From The Simpsons, by hyperbolehong

From The Office, by onewomancatpack

From The Princess Bride, by notsomodernmillie

From Parks and Recreation, by craftboner

From Buffy the Vampire Slayer, by KitchyStiching

From Parks and Recreation, by CraftsGoneAwry

From Ghostbusters 2, by TwoBirdsOneShop

From Arrested Development, by STITCHPARTY

From Community, by aliciawatkins

The Best of Etsy’s Film and TV Embroidery