MacGruber & Sons: Mumford Hired Jason Bateman, Ed Helms, and More to Impersonate Them

The “Hopeless Wanderer” video kicks off and it’s like, Alright, if a field isn’t dappled in sunlight, do Mumford & Sons’s instruments even make sound? If the clip doesn’t open on a faux silent movie title card, does it deserve to exist? If Idris Elba isn’t admiring the icy vapor of a caribou’s breath in winter, what’s the point in living? Love Mumford or hate ‘em, we all just get it by now. And Mumford, at last, knows we get it!! After all those Grammys and the many, many albums sold, the Sonz have finally poked fun at their earnest beardiness. And Jesus, did they poke vigorously, recruiting Jason Bateman, Ed Helms, Jason Sudeikis, and Will Forte to play themselves, goof off, and mimic all that is Mumfordian. It would be a crime to spoil much, so we’ll just advise you to stick around, at least till all four of them play banjos in barbershop quartet duds.

See Jason Bateman, Ed Helms As Mumford & Sons