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What Will Be the Next Greatest Event in Television History?

Adam Scott and Adult Swim are making another Greatest Event in Television History, following in the noble footsteps of 2012’s shot-for-shot remake of the Simon and Simon opening (with Jon Hamm) and this year’s Hart to Hart opening (with Amy Poehler). What will the new installment re-create? This couch is our only clue.

It’s not the couch from Central Perk on Friends — that orange couch was tufted, for starters. It’s not the orange couch from Snick; that couch had a higher back. And it’s not the couch from The Simpsons, which has three buttons on it and no cushions. Also, those shows are all too new for TGEiTH treatment. This is the couch from Too Close for Comfort.

This great event will air on November 7 at midnight.

The Next Greatest Event in Television History