the grub street diet

This Summer, Rich Sommer Lived a Food Lover’s New York Dream

Photo: Melissa Hom

In town for the summer to perform in the Roundabout’s The Unavoidable Disappearance of Tom Durnin, Rich Sommer’s Grub Street Food Diet has him consuming a remarkably impressive amount (and diversity!) of grub in a remarkably impressive amount of time. His “wife and the kids have left town,” so now’s the best time to take advantage of what the city has to offer: a slice of pepperoni and bacon pizza, quite a few Chobani yogurts (when he’s hung-over), the free Atomic Fireballs that they have “in a bucket backstage,” and “1,000 dicks” (just kidding, that’s just something his friend Chad scribbled on his food log). He also has both a drink and a shot named after him at his favorite bar (“Sommer in the City”) and just like you, drinks “5 billion whiskeys” and ends up stopping to grab snacks at four-thirty in the morning: “I may or may not have had some pineapple and strawberry gelato, along with a bag of Dirty mesquite barbecue chips.”

Please do read the entire week’s Diet over at Grub Street.

Salivate Over Rich Sommer’s Grub Street Diet