Watch a Supercut of Larry David Acting Very Silly and Out of Character on Fridays

Last year, when Larry Charles, who wrote for Seinfeld and has directed episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm, was asked about working with Larry David on the early eighties sketch show Fridays, he told the Huffington Post that David did not want Fridays to get released as a DVD. “He’s a quality-control freak,” said Charles. “And it’s just hard for him to think about his experience [on the show] as something that he had quality control over.” You can see where David is coming from. Sure, over the course of the show’s nearly 60 episodes, David got to do unmistakably Larry David-y things (like the classic sketch in which he plays a plastic surgeon who is very unhappy with his lunch), but often David was seen in a much goofier state than we’ve seen since. So with the very Larry David-y movie Clear History debuting this Saturday on HBO and the recent release of the Fridays DVD collection, we put together this supercut of David’s most out of character moments from the show. See him as Han Solo, Richard Nixon, and a surprisingly ripped shirtless wrestling character. Seriously, he is pretty, pretty, pretty ripped.

Supercut: Larry David in Character on Fridays