The Complete Guide to Everything: Tim and Tom Solve Even More of Your Problems

This week we put on our problem solving pants and dig into the ol’ mailbag for an episode-length version of Tim & Tom Solve Your Problems. We solve problems about sharing a home with your significant other, asking a girl out on a date in a world in which John Lennon has devalued the concept of love (this one’s a little complicated) and having your co-workers think you’ve fathered a child that you haven’t.

We also unveil a new crop of entries in our contest to find a Tim & Tom Solve Your Problems theme song. (Go over and vote for your favorite at

Also, Tom isn’t allowed to talk about Doctor Who, and is incensed by Tim’s 20+ minute rant on the topic of Jeopardy Kids Week. But seriously, something pretty awful happened on Jeopardy this week, and Tim just wants to be sure that a young contestant gets the recognition he deserves.

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The Complete Guide to Everything: Tim and Tom Solve […]