This Week in Comedy: The Dave Chappelle Incident and David Letterman’s 20th Anniversary

-Dave Chappelle walked off stage after dealing with a bad audience during a stop on the Funny or Die tour in Hartford, Connecticut.

-David Letterman celebrated his 20th anniversary on CBS’s The Late Show, and his first-ever guest, Bill Murray, stopped by for another amazing appearance on the show. We picked the best moments from Letterman’s 20 years on The Late Show, one from every year.

-Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have been invited to host the Golden Globes again.

-Here’s a list of the best videos from sketch comedy group Good Neighbor, who were recently hired by SNL.

-Mitch Hurwitz says he wants to make the Arrested Development movie next, then another season.

-We interviewed standups Paul ProvenzaBarry RothbartAri Shaffir, and Max Silvestri.

-Judd Apatow has picked Amy Schumer as his next protégé, producing a movie for her to write and star in.

-In honor of SNL writer Mike O’Brien being hired as a cast member on the show, we picked 13 writers from the show, like Larry David, Conan O’Brien, and Bob Odenkirk, who would have been great in the cast.

-We reminisced about Howard Stern’s attempts to destroy Magic Johnson’s talk show.

-We asked if this weekend’s James Franco roast can be the dawn of a new, classier era for Comedy Central’s roasts?

-LA standup Brooks Wheelan has been hired to write for SNL.

-Here’s what you can expect from FX’s new channel, FXX.

-Dino Stamatopoulos’s Fox cartoon High School USA! is running into trouble with FCC guidelines.

-Aziz Ansari is releasing his new standup special, Buried Alive, exclusively through Netflix.

-We looked at the week’s best Vine videos, best podcasts, and the web series Sad Boss.

And here are your Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the Week:

Bestie X Bestie - “Episode 4.03” (via Funny or Die)

WOMEN - “Charm”

Serious Lunch - “Dropping Off at College” (via Above Average)

Julie Klausner - “Cats on Film” (via Funny or Die)

Be More Interesting - “How to Open Champagne with a Saber” (via Mental Floss)

This Week in Comedy: The Dave Chappelle Incident and […]