This Week In Web Videos: ‘Jean Claude Van Damme on the ArScheerio Paul Show’

It’s Wednesday, ya’ll, and that means you’re in for a web video treat! Actually, it means you’re in for a bunch of them, assuming you haven’t perused the recently launched YouTube comedy factory, Jash. If you have, you know why I’m so excited. Oh baby, it’s good. Featuring original content from some of the biggest names in comedy (Sarah Silverman, Tim and Eric, Reggie Watts!), it’s what all web video should be. And with only 25,000 subscribers and 46 videos to date, you’ve got the chance to jump in on the ground floor. I suggest getting your feet wet with Paul Scheer’s The ArScheerio Paul Show (recently covered by Sir Bradford Evans here) where a flat-topped Scheer and his A-list celebrity pals conduct eerily committed re-enacted interviews from the Arsenio Hall Show. The best might be this one, featuring Nick Kroll as Jean Claude Van Damme and Kevin Smith as Van Damme’s wife, Gladys. It’s a classic example of the type of brilliant insanity the Internet is custom-made to serve up in the most delectable ways. Please watch this. I promise you’ll thank me. Show me your fat tits! Not you, I’m quoting — ah well, you’ll get it after watching.

This Week In Web Videos: ‘Jean Claude Van Damme on the […]