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Winnie Mandela Trailer: Another Mandela Movie

Whether it was two movies about Truman Capote, Alfred Hitchcock, Snow White, or that comet that almost destroyed the Earth in the nineties, every once in a while Hollywood finds itself with two movies about fairly similar topics coming out around the same time. This year, the subject is Apartheid and the Mandelas. We already saw a trailer for the hotly anticipated, Idris Elba-starring Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom and now we have Winnie Mandela, a biopic about Nelson Mandela’s wife, an activist of note in her own right. (Apartheid also plays a small yet notable part in The Butler.) Jennifer Hudson plays Winnie and Terrence Howard is Nelson. The film has actually been around for a while, playing at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival, but it had difficulty finding distribution. The film opens on September 6, two months before Long Walk.

Trailer: Watch Jennifer Hudson as Winnie Mandela