Old Navy Denim Will Make You Ridiculously Good Looking

Fall fashion season is upon us and that means it’s time to upgrade the ol’ wardrobe (cost efficiently, of course). So while we thought about giving you a list of the 37 people who wore denim best throughout history as inspiration, we instead decided to take a note from The Awl and present without commentary, not a list of outdated denim, but instead the finest and most interesting lower half options that Old Navy has to offer this Fall. Well, fine, presented with limited commentary. We couldn’t help ourselves.


The Rockstar Printed Skinny Jeans - Denim Star

The Rockstar Denim Legging - Sea Salt

You can dance in these jeans.

The Rockstar Printed Skinny Jeans - Peach Floral

The Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans - Authentic

Skinny Boyfriend - Milkway

Did you know that the origin of “Boyfriend” fashion literally comes from borrowing and wearing your boyfriend’s clothes? Additionally, here is a Haiku we like to call: “The Skinny Boyfriend.”

The Skinny Boyfriend

Is casual, and relaxed.

Slim through hip and thigh

The skinny boyfriend,

Sits just below the waistline,

With a cuffed straight leg.


Premium Slim - Dark Blue

Premium Skinny - Rinse

Skinny jeans have been hotly contested, but at this point, it looks like they’ve won the war and are here to stay. Were you on the right side of history re: the skinny jean debate?

Premium Slim Boot Cut - Light Wash

Old Navy Denim Will Make You Ridiculously Good Looking