Vine 5 Film Festival: We Are All Somebody’s Cousin

Vine is a toy from Twitter that challenges users to make the most profound work ever committed to video in exactly six seconds. Or at the very least, challenges comedians to bring a little more laughter into this world. Every Tuesday we showcase five of the funniest short shorts of the past week.

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It was at the beginning of this very summer of two thousand thirteen Anno Domini when we all wondered why Kanye was asking for croissants in such an aggressive tone, yet all people want to talk about now, less than two months later, are cronuts. In a blink of an eye, the word “literally” has become not misused by literally millions of idiots. Vine is a part of life, and as such is just as quick to change. Not even one week ago, several Viners occupied themselves with their own remixes of the Mackelmore song “Same Love”, each humorously discussing what they were up to in their third grade. By yesterday however, the backlash had begun, the meme deemed passé. It is good to see the app police itself - even though the “Same Love” videos weren’t nearly as discomforting as the Smack Cam meme, they were also getting to be too unjustifiably popular.

Outside of false reminiscence of better times, this week on Vine featured a man’s uncomfortableness is expressed through song, a woman finding herself in an endless loop, a 7-foot-tall fellow taking a tumble, you causing a lot of trouble, and a banana making an unfortunate slip.

“Somebody’s Cousin”

By Bill Stiteler

Comic Bill Stiteler may have inadvertently described his look perfectly as “somebody’s cousin” with this funny vine where he plays just that. Most of Stiteler’s vines rely on recording his computer screen playing an already visually manipulated and edited video, and once you are familiar with his style, the craft of coming up with hokey songs with 80s sitcom theme song chord progressions and catchy hooks can be better appreciated.

“We Should Act Out a Gif”

By Garfunkel and Oates

Kate Micucci takes the solo spotlight this time around, with her bandmate Riki Lindhome presumably behind the phone providing the required sturdy footage. It would have been quite a tragic irony if Micucci began to make this vine and proceed to get caught in an actual time loop, but also a nice allusion to the time loop bit from the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast.

“Me vs. Shaq #1on1 “

By Harley Morenstein

With Shaquille O’Neal

Epic Meal Time star Harley Morenstein was kind enough to reveal to the Vine universe that former NBA player/NBA on TNT analyst/Buick pitchman and finger pointer Shaquille O’Neal, who has produced numerous All-Star Comedy Jams, has been in the comedy world long enough to have learned the proper, funniest way to make a pratfall. It’s important to not rush into it when a bunch of chairs are in between yourself and the floor and to let the audience believe that the extended time of your suffering is making more of your life flash before your eyes.

For a funny basketball related vine that actually sort of has some basketball in it, look no further than Eric Dunn’s video of posterizing an innocent citizen. This is kind of my nightmare.

“Put Your Finger on the Screen and Wiggle It Again”

By Brittlestar

The greatest inventions are the ones that when you first hear about them, you can’t believe they weren’t already invented. Brittlestar’s vines where he asks the audience to move their finger up and down at a certain part of the screen, so it seems like the viewer is causing objects in the video to be dropped by well-meaning individuals, is a retrospectively obvious concept finally made into reality. After the above vine was a sequel to an initial wiggle exercise, Brittlestar has moved on to the thumb.


By Elton Castee

Inspired by Logan Paul

Personally, if bananas are sprouting legs and are capable of running, I no longer find them suitable for consumption. Unfortunately, the monkey here disagrees. I’m most impressed with the banana smart enough to not follow the others and jumping over the McDonald’s counter while the monkey is focused on his or her’s fallen sibling.

Playing in Theater 2


This is an intentionally funny version of The Happening.

Cool way to train your toddler to use the toilet. #Potty by Baron Vaughn

Baron Vaughn is giving away a million dollar idea for free here.

The Guy Who Loves Life by Bottlerocket

Only a man with this philosophy can like Chris Brown.

Swing Dancing is a Lost Art by Sunny Mabrey with Marcus Johns

Mabrey and Johns suggest that swing dancers died thanks to car accidents and not from aging linearly.

Brent Morin Trying to Apologize For Forgetting to Feed My Cat by Rick Glassman

Interrupting a song from The Lion King soundtrack is just going to make things worse.

Vine 5 Film Festival: We Are All Somebody’s Cousin