Lady Gaga and Marina Abramovic Made a Naked Art Video Thing

In late July, Lady Gaga and performance artist Marina Abramovic were seen arm in arm at a fancy Hamptons party. The pairing wasn’t a surprise, but the location was. That’s where this video comes in. Apparently, it is the product of a retreat the two took to upstate New York, during which Gaga was schooled in the Abramovic Method in order to heighten her awareness of her “physical and mental experience in the present moment.” In it, Gaga lies on the ground singing “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…,” sits in a brook with Abramovic, nakedly walks through a field, nakedly hugs a giant crystal, and nakedly holds a stick in the woods. It’s meant to help promote Abramovic’s Kickstarter campaign to raise $600,000 to create an institute. Again, this video is super NSFW, so be prepared to explain to your boss what art is and means.

Watch Gaga & Abramovic’s Naked Art Video Thing