John Oliver Hosted His Last ‘Daily Show’ Last Night, and Here It Is

It’s been an excellent two months for John Oliver, filling in as the summer host of The Daily Show, but it all came to an end last night. Oliver made his debut as host on June 10th, watching over the fake news juggernaut as Jon Stewart directs his first movie, Rosewater, in the Middle East. Stewart returns with the show’s next new episode Tuesday, September 3rd; the program will be airing reruns these next two weeks. If anything, Oliver’s stint as host was a low stakes way to prove Oliver will make a great Jon Stewart replacement if and when Stewart (who’s signed through 2015) opts to move on (to direct more movies, maybe?). Check out the rest of Oliver’s favorite show, with fellow Brit Simon Pegg as his guest, below:


John Oliver Hosted His Last ‘Daily Show’ Last Night, […]