Adam Scott and Retta Have Feelings About the Breaking Bad Shoot-out

Vulture just so happened to be visiting the set of Parks and Recreation a few days after Breaking Bad unleashed its best (worst?) cliff-hanger ever: Walt’s in cuffs, the Nazis roll in, Hank’s eyes widen, everyone reaches for a gun, and … bam! bam! bam! bam! Throw in Hank’s teary “we won!” phone call to Marie, and … can someone hold me? Turns out that Parks and Recreation’s Adam Scott and Retta are also Breaking Bad superfans, and they were also in need of a hug.

“It was so … I was so …” said Scott. “It’s, like, when Hank [gets] concerned, you know shit is bad, because that guy has nerves of steel. When his eyes fill with rage and fear, you know shit is going down. I’m so scared for him and Gomey — I don’t want them to get hurt.” He remained unconvinced that the call to Marie indicates Hank’s doom, though, saying that it would be almost too obvious for the show. “I thought it was maybe a trick to make us think he’d die,” Scott said hopefully.

Yet Scott claimed that he still roots for Walt. Wait — what? “I do! I mean, if he was a real person I wouldn’t, but it’s hard not to,” he said. “They’ve done the great trick of making you want him to be okay. And I want him and Jesse to team back up before then end.” Vulture suggested that would be pretty messed up. “I know, I know, but it’s what I want!” said Scott.

Retta’s Twitter was filled with more expletives than usual as she live-tweeted the shoot-out (“Fuuuuuuuck. I knew it!!!!!!!!”), and she claimed to know what’s coming next on the show. (She thinks Hank will survive, too, so that’s good.) Since Twitter would limit her very detailed prediction, we present it here in its full, unedited glory:

“I think for sure Gomey’s gonna die because they gotta kill someone there. Hank’s gonna get fucked up. But he’s gonna say some shit first. Like, he and Walter are gonna have some words. Walt’s gonna apologize and Hank’s gonna be like, ‘Fuck you! This is all your fault!’ like, give him a lot of guilt. And I think he may get to talk to Marie, and he’s gonna say some shit to Marie and it’s really gonna fuck all that shit up. Marie is gonna go nuts on Walter and Sky.”

Mariesenberg! We like it!

Adam Scott, Retta Talk Breaking Bad’s Shoot-out