Artie Lange’s Memoir Will Discuss Suicide Attempt, Substance Abuse Issues

Comic and radio host Artie Lange’s new memoir, Crash and Burnwill be released on October 29, and it will discuss his 2010 suicide attempt as well as his addictions to heroin and alcohol. The former Howard Stern sidekick’s first book, 2008’s Too Fast to Fish, was a New York Times bestseller. Back in January of 2012, Lange told Splitsider about the new book:

The title is based on my buddy Danny McGrath’s older cousin. When I was I was 22 years old I was trying to decide if I should stay at the port working as a longshoreman making 60 Gs a year, or should I try show business? And his older cousin Chuckie said to me at a bar one day, he goes, “Fuck it man, if you think you can do it do it and if you crash and burn who gives a shit, you crash and burn. It’s fucking exciting, you got to live. Fuck this boring longshoreman shit, you got to crash and burn.”
Artie Lange’s Memoir Will Discuss Suicide Attempt, […]