Watch China, IL’s Baby Cakes Awkwardly Pitch a Meat-Flavored Energy Bar

Adult Swim’s China, IL finally returns for its second season this Sunday night at 11:30 p.m. ET. During the year-and-a-half layoff, creator Brad Neely concocted 50-odd (and just plain odd) songs with silly lyrics like “I just get so crazy playing with kitty cats,” and he also kept his characters just how the show’s obsessive fan base likes them: weird. In this exclusive clip, matriculating man-child Mark “Baby” Cakes presents a bold proposal for a meaty, saucy energy bar that he appropriately dubs Meaty Saucy Energy Bar-ys, and offers up a few ideas for fun and probably racist flavor assortments. Yum!

See Baby Cakes’ Awkward Sales Pitch on China, IL