Watch Jonathan Groff and Corey Stoll Flirt in This Exclusive C.O.G. Clip

C.O.G. reps the first time that a David Sedaris–penned story has ever been adapted for a film, and if that’s not enough to coax you into theaters, here’s an enticing bit: In the following clip from the movie, your two favorite actors Jonathan Groff and Corey Stoll have a flirtatious moment at work. An apple-processing factory in Oregon may not seem like the ideal setting for a discreet butt pat and some homerotically charged conversation, but it’s the workplace where Groff’s David — an onscreen surrogate for Sedaris as a young man — has chosen to slum it for the summer in the hopes of becoming a better man, or at least a more interesting one. Unfortunately, none of the factory lifers appreciate David’s brand of citified condescension … until he meets Stoll, with whom tentative sparks fly. Still, there may be a little more to this potential fling than meets the eye, as you’ll find out when C.O.G. bows in theaters September 20.

Watch Jonathan Groff and Corey Stoll Flirt