Here Is Drake’s Nothing Was the Same If It Were Written in Emoji

Photo: Maya Robinson and SplashNews

As New York Magazine’s own Jody Rosen wrote in his review of Nothing Was the Same, “Drake’s triumph … has been to shift the terms of rap authenticity from Jay Z-style street bona fides to soul-baring honesty — to emotional authenticity, or at least the pretense of it.” Put another way: Drake raps about feelings. And in 2013, what better way is there to summarize feelings than with emoji? Exactly. So in honor of Drake’s latest confessional, here is a selected emoji recap of the new album. [Crying face.] [Laughing face.] [100 percent sign.]

“Tuscan Leather”:

“Started From the Bottom”:

“Wu-Tang Forever”:

“Worst Behaviour”:

“From Time”:


“Too Much”:

“Hold On, We’re Going Home”:

Drake’s Nothing Was the Same in Emoji