Here Are Your Final Breaking Bad GIFs

Sunday nights return to being just Sunday nights once more. Breaking Bad’s series finale aired tonight, and a surprising number of loose ends were satisfyingly tied up. Everyone got what was coming to them — even Walter White. Now, some farewell, spoiler-filled GIFs.

Hello there, Walt.

Elliot and Gretchen Schwartz get a surprise visit from Walt. He makes sure they get his money to Walt Jr./Flynn by scaring the hell out of them with fake sniper lasers.

Lydia’s beloved Stevia sweetener (poor, poor Stevia!) is in fact the Ricin Walt retrieved from the light socket. Bye-bye, Lydia.

With some simple mechanics and the old automatic-weapon-in-the-trunk trick, Walt takes out all the Neo-Nazis in one fell swoop.

In turn, Jesse takes out Todd …

And not to be outdone, Walt executes Uncle Jack.

… And then drives off, gleefully, into the night. (And into Need for Speed.)

Left alone, Walt surveys the meth lab for the final time as sirens wail in the distance and he slowly bleeds out.

Here Are Your Final Breaking Bad GIFs