Listen to Heidecker & Wood’s Seventies-ish Soft Rock Single, ‘What Else Is New?’

So you want to talk about the weather? / Oh, no, I didn’t think so / So you want to talk about the sports show? / Oh, no, I didn’t think so. That’s a perfectly mundane lyric from Heidecker & Wood’s “What Else Is New?” the first single off the duo’s sophomore album, Some Things Never Stay the Same, set for release on November 12. Heidecker, of course, is Tim Heidecker of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! fame, and the song, like the rest of his work with Davin Wood, blurs the line between parodying and paying homage to cheesy seventies soft rock. Either way, the big Paul Simon–by-way-of–Bruce Springsteen ending is pretty glorious.

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