Highlights from David Cross, Bob Odenkirk, and Brian Posehn’s Reddit AMA

Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, and Brian Posehn have a new book out today called Hollywood Said No!, and they’re doing a six-city comedy tour this month to promote the book. The trio went onto Reddit today to do a question-and-answer session to talk about the book and tour. Check out some of their best answers (and none of the worst questions) below:

David, I saw It’s a Disaster and thought it was brilliantly hilarious. Do you have any plans on more film appearances?

Look for me in the new Riddick film!!! I’m not in it but do still look for me.

Bob, what is the secret to great comedic yelling?

Have it come from a real deep place of genuine anger at the world. Good luck with it. It helps to have a shitty dad.

Bob, I read that you don’t know the ending of Breaking Bad, that you only read your scripts and that you were gonna watch it like the rest of the world. If this is true, how is the final season so far?

Oh it’s really satisfying and shocking and surprising and I am amazed just like any fan. I’m just as engrossed and entertained as anybody.

David, people had mixed reactions to Arrested Development season 4. How was the season for you?

It was certainly different, but I came to appreciate its differences. I understand what a monumental task Mitch had in presenting the material, and I am deeply impressed with what he did, but like a lot of people, it took me about 7 episodes (really) to understand how to watch it. Andthen I really got into it.

How did Mr. Show’s “Pre-Taped Cal-In Show” sketch come about?

David: That was Dino Stamatopoulos with some help from Brent Forrester, who came up with the idea when they were tripping on acid in Joshua Tree.

Pound for pound, Mr. Show is the best sketch comedy show ever broadcast. At least I think so. I love you fuckers.

Bob: THANK YOU. I am commenting on this wonderful compliment because it makes me remember the other day when I somehow found myself reading the comments on a Mr. Show DVD package on Amazon and I couldn’t help myself but to read the most negative comments. People either gave us 5 stars or 1 star. Not much in between. But the 1 star ones just killed me! People who watched and couldn’t find ANYTHING funny. Really? Audition sketch? The Story of Everest? FAIRSLEY difference? FF Woodycooks? Civil War Re-enactments? The Fad Three? I could go on. I can see someone not getting the weirder absurd stuff we did, no problem, but these are just solid, clear, funny funniness…right? Anyhow. Internet comments…hilarious.

Why isn’t Mr. Show available on HBO GO?

David: That’s a great question.

Bob: HBO has a hate-hate relationship with the show.

Brian: They are not aware that we did the show.

David: They hate having to google Mr. Show.

David, did you really snort cocaine at the White House?

No, it was at the Correspondents Dinner. Not nearly as impressive.

David and Brian, how satisfying was it to see Bob get the crap kicked out of him on Breaking Bad?

Brian: So good. that’s the only way I can come now.

Bob, since discovering Tim & Eric and making them successes, have you been flooded with people sending in their comedy stuff hoping to achieve the same success?

No, I think people are pretty respectful. Occasionally, I get something. But I am excited about the new show I’m working on coming out in October called The Birthday Boys, it’s going to be on IFC. I found them because they’re a sketch group in LA that participated in a benefit that my wife does every New Year’s and I got to know them and that show will come on in October.

Best Tom Kenny story?

David: If you see him, you have to ask him about his hit n’ run story.

Brian: The mudshark story from Seattle is true.

David, will there be more Arrested Development?

Boy, I would be so happy to do more AD. It’s such a fun character and the writing and staff and cast are the fucking best. But who knows. Scheduling is a big problem. Especially because five of us live in NY. Also, thanks for the gif.

Brian, any plans for more Comedians of Comedy stuff?

That’s really a Patton [Oswalt] question. I will forever be down to go out with them again.

All-time favorite Mr. Show sketch?

David: For me it’s, Pre-Natal Pageants. Also, once again, Mr. Show predicts the future! Toddlers and Tiaras etc… In fact there was a website thing somewhere that someone was compiling an ever-increasing list of “Mr. Show Predicts The Future” stories. It was up to about 16 examples last we checked.

Highlights from David Cross, Bob Odenkirk, and Brian […]