Joss Whedon: No to More Buffy, No to Star Wars

Joss Whedon speaks onstage during the
Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Stop asking Joss Whedon to use Kickstarter to revive one of his old shows. It’s not going to happen, he tells EW.

I came out publicly when the Veronica Mars Kickstarter thing happened to relay that because, right now, it can’t be done. Everybody’s working — thank God. I have often said I would love to get the crew back together. There’s another side of that. There’s the Monkey’s Paw fear of even if it’s just as good, it won’t be as good, because it will be just as good, and it’s already been new, so you won’t have that. Now everybody is like, “Are you going to remake Buffy? Are you going to Kickstarter?” My blanket answer is “No.” It’s not a question I’m interested in hearing again, which is why I quit my other job — Twitter.

Whedon also says he’s pessimistic about the state of the world — “I think we’re actually becoming stupider and more petty … I have no hope” — and that he has no plans to be part of the new generation of Star Wars movies, but never say never. “I can’t say for sure [that I’d turn down a Boba Fett movie], because that’s a tasty morsel,” he says. “But right now my heart doesn’t go that way.”

Joss Whedon: No to More Buffy, No to Star Wars