The 7 Most Animal-Filled GIFs From Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ Video

Katy Perry is wonderful. If you haven’t arrived at this conclusion after watching her documentary from last year and her performance from this year’s VMAs, this video might do it for you. She is our generation’s Tarzan, and it’s all just like Lost, but no one dies, and it’s really, really fun. We’ve collected Katy’s best “Roar” moments and made them into lovely little GIFs. Now off to the zoo. Or the rainforest — whichever.

Here she’s got a tarantula on her shoulder.

Brushing the teeth of an alligator.

Bathing with (or being bathed by?) an elephant.

Singing to a beautiful parrot!

She’s having a “Roar”-off with a tiger.

Taking a selfie with a monkey. (Well, what would you do all alone in the rainforest?)

Katy Perry for Tarzan 2013.

7 Animal-Filled GIFs From Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’