Left Handed Radio: Sequel Machine - ‘The Last Ten Pages of Breaking Bad’

The Sequel Machine recruits amazing comedy writers to write the sequels for film’s biggest franchises one page at a time. The catch is, the writers only get to read the page before theirs in a round-robin, exquisite corpse style. The end result is a hilarious, twisted, and as coherent as any misguided Hollywood sequel. This time, we set our sights on television’s most anticipated finale: The Last Ten Pages of Breaking Bad.

Starring Tim Martin as Walter White and Josh Ruben as Jesse Pinkman with Lauren Adams, Adam Bozarth, Carl Foreman, Jr., Anna Rubanova, and Brett White.

Written by (in page order): Adam Bozarth, Mike Scollins, Laura Willcox, Brett White, Dru Johnston, Michael Hartney, Anna Rubanova, Aaron Burdette, Mike Still, and Matt Little.

Live tech by Alex Adan. Special thanks to Nate Dern and Achilles Stamatelaky.

Recorded live at the UCB Theatre Chelsea at the Heisenberg & Friends Variety Hour (Thursday, September 26, 9:30pm).

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Left Handed Radio: Sequel Machine - ‘The Last Ten […]