Improvisers Will Perform Live Commercials During ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’

For the next few Thursdays, episodes of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon will feature live improvised ads, according to Variety. In an early commercial break, New York-based improvisers will ask for social media suggestions for an ad featuring the Lexus IS. In the final commercial break of the show, they will perform an improvised commercial based on the suggestions from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. The “It’s Your Move After Dark” campaign will be broadcast live from the Brooklyn Bridge, and feature improv groups like Fun Young Guys, Magnet Theater Touring Company, Stone Cold Fox, and MB’s Dream (which is, presumably, based on Mike Birbiglia’s new UCB improv show). It’s an interesting attempt by NBC to encourage live viewing of the late night show, as well as incentivizing viewers to stay up to 1:30am to see the payoff. That said, it appears the commercials will also be available the next day on NBC’s site.

Improvisers Will Perform Live Commercials During ‘Late […]